About Me

Intricate multi-faceted printed textiles are a focal element to my work. I achieve this by exploring the use of different layering techniques and methods of capturing imagery. I love to draw inspiration from history and from things that have a story to tell. Whether it is the work of a 17th century artist or the ageing historical beautiful features of an old building; it is often the starting point of inspiration for my design work. I like to combine the old with more ethereal, natural and organic forms to create a dynamic contemporary feel.

Hand drawing is an absolute passion of mine, it embodies perception and observation and provides an opportunity to visualise and innovate. Within my work, drawings works symbiotically with more modern digital methods such as photography and Photoshop. Using traditional and modern techniques together allows me to give my designs greater depth and meaning.

I am a recent graduate in Printed Textiles Design from De Montfort University. I am a hard working, creative and have a real passion for print design. I am flexible and can work to tight deadlines, including freelance opportunities. Digital media is something that I have explored extensively in my work, so I am competent at software packages like Photoshop.